On this Throwback Thursday we’re checking in with RF signature artists Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, along with other favorites from the archives Jane Birkin, Andres Levin and Lenine.  There are two exciting new projects we’d like to share with you.

Inspired to protect the rainforests of their native Brazil from further destruction, world-renowned artists Caetano VelosoLenineCrioloEmicida and Pretinho da Serrinha, along with other celebrated Brazilian musicians and filmmakers, came together in Rio de Janeiro’s Floresta da Tijuca, Parque Nacional da Tijuca to create “I’m Alive” a multimedia expression of our relationship to nature filmed, composed and recorded in the rainforest.

“I’m Alive: The Floresta da Tijuca Sessions” was conceived of and led by GRAMMY® Award-winning producer Andres Levin of Content-OS, who directed and produced the film alongside Paula Lavigne and Fernando Young. The project supports the Rainforest Alliance, which works in partnership with Brazilian nonprofit Imaflora—as well as farmers, forest communities and cattle ranchers—to protect Brazil’s magnificent and ecologically fragile natural heritage.

Donate to download “I’m Alive”.

Caetano will be performing at the Fillmore in Miami Beach on September 13th. In the meantime, view photos from his 2010 show at the Fillmore.

On May 6, Nublu Records releases Ilhan Ersahin’s WONDERLAND “The Other Side”. Ersahin salutes turkish traditional gypsy sounds via his eclectic modern touch to “the music of now”. The project coalesces behind the vocals of three famous vocalists: Gilberto Gil, Jane Birkin and Seyyal Taner. Along with those legendary figures, the project also features an impressive array of players exploring a gypsy/arabesque musical strain. Gilberto Gil and Jane Birkin were both approached by Ersahin and came on board because they saw the beauty of Wonderland.


Birkin was won over by the string arrangements on her track, reminiscent of the work she did with Serge Gainsbourg on “Valse De Melody Nelson,” and chose to perform one of her own poems, “Fathers and Daughters.” As Brazil is central to the Nublu aesthetic, the presence of the Tropicalismo founder and former Minister of Culture, Gilberto Gil, singing and scatting with abandon, is very fitting. He laid the vocals in a Brazilian studio, and was overjoyed to express himself amidst the Turkish sounds; he told Ersahin that he loves Istanbul and sees it as a dreamlike painting.

Some of us are still remembering with rapture the concert Birkin gave in 2003 Miami Beach – the music of Gainsbourg reinterpreted with a small Moroccan ensemble.  And of course Gilberto Gil is one of our favorite artists, ever!

Watch an afternoon video shoot of Ilhan Ersahin’s Wonderland: